About us

WAODEO - Vvaow is now WAODEO ! ! !

We started out in 2004 as Waow Video (waowvideo.com) and was re-branded to Vvaow in 2019 but continued to be accessed throught the domain name waowvideo.com until the 26th of February 2020 when the domain name was definitively changed to vvaow.com. In 2021 we took the decision to proceed to a 2nd re-branding from Vvaow to Waodeo to be more inline with our aim to focus primary on trendy videos by having WAOw viDEO Only on our site. The company is a division of


Tiger Gate Inc.

2880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 101
San Jose, CA 95128
Tel.: 408-606-5159 / 408-606-5158

Email: contact@waodeo.com

With one simple motto:

Waow [music] Video Only


That's why...

We Keep only 6% to run our company - the remaining is devoted to Supporting Artists

Details of Ads revenue retribution:

50 % = Artist

5 % = Artist's Channel Manager

10 % = Artists Rewards Fund contribution

21 % = Taxes & charges

5 % = Bank and Financial institution charges (Transfers from Advertisers to Waodeo & from Waodeo to (i) Artists (ii) Artist's Channel Managers)

3 % = Artist's fans reward based on number of views

6 % = Waodeo staffs salary, server maintenance and other company charges


Locate us

We are right at the heart of Silicon Valley

Waodeo Head Quarters

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